Bait (2015)

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Released on Blu-ray for the first time, Dominic Brunt and Joanne Mitchell's brutal crime thriller, Bait, featuring brand new extras.

Bored of their mundane job at a market food stall, Dawn and Bex dream of setting up their own upmarket café, but face constant rejection from the banks. When they meet Jeremy, an independent businessman who offers to fund their dream, they immediately accept. But all too soon the true motives for Jeremy’s kind offer shine through. Unable to meet his outrageous payment demands, Bex and Dawn must find it within themselves to turn the tables on their viciously calculated aggressor, leading to a maelstrom of bloody, savage and pitiless retribution.

Special features

  • Bait at FrightFest: the film’s journey through the dark heart of cinema
  • Commentary with director Dominic Brunt and stars Joanne Mitchell and Victoria Smurfit
  • 'The Making of' documentary
  • Short film: The Box
  • Short film: The Mighty Witch Killers of Pendle Hill
  • English HoH subtitles
Official Trailer:

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