Visitor Q (2001) (DVD)

£6.00 GBP

With Dead or Alive, he created one of the most bone-jar-ringly explosive opening sequences ever filmed. With Audition, he delivered possibly the most disturbing ending of all time. Now, with Visitor Q Miike Takashi has managed the impossible... he has outdone himself on both counts. When shamed reporter Kiyoshi Yamazaki visits one of Japan's many comfort houses to make a documentary about sex and violence amongst the nation's youth he is somewhat surprised to encounter his nubile daughter. Soon after, he meets 'Q', an enigmatic stranger, and invites him to visit his family home. Upon entering this dysfunctional world, 'Q' sets about teaching each family member a unique and special lesson. But will he succeed in creating domestic harmony? Outrageously perverse and truly unique, this transgressive experience will leave you shocked and stunned as it railroads taboos like there's no tomorrow.

86 mins approx

Japanese with English subtitles

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