Thousand Plane Raid (1969) (DVD)

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1943 - Colonel Greg Brandon (Christopher George) of a United States Army Air Force Bomb Group stationed in England repeatedly attempts to persuade superiors that massive daylight bombing will hasten the end of World War II.

In spite of the mission's extreme difficulty, his plan is finally put into effect against a German aircraft factory.

During preparation for the raid, Brandon alienates his men by insisting that normal bombing operations continue. His disdain for cautious Lieutenant Archer (Ben Murphy) and brash RAF Wing Commander Trafton Howard (Gary Marshall) further antagonizes his associates, including his girlfriend, WAC Lieutenant Gabrielle Ames (Laraine Stephens).

When his bomber crashes on the morning of the mission, Brandon boards a bomber manned by Archer and Howard, learning a lesson in courage and judgement as they head towards Germany and the final air battles of the war.




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