Bangkok Dangerous (1999) (DVD)

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Kong lives with his friend and business partner Joe, together they work as professional hitmen on the dark, tough and seedy streets of Bangkok. Kong, deaf and mute since childhood, carries out his violent and bloody work with a detached, sociopathic coldness - an impersonal revenge on the world. His only response to the assassinations he performs is silence. When Kong meets and befriends Fon, he experiences warmth and tenderness for the first time and, at last, feels that there is a chance of redemption and transformation. Unsure what his next move should be, he is forced to choose between the detached, remote existence he leads as a calculating killer, and the chance he has to re-invent himself as a participant in a relationship and normal society as a whole. With its rare combination of intelligence and mind-blowing visual effects Bangkok Dangerous is impressively powerful, uniquely stylish and totally unforgettable.

102 mins approx

Thai with English subtitles

Special Features

  • Star And Director filmographies
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Promotional Art Gallery
  • Mark Wyatt Film Notes
  • Asia Extreme Trailer Reel

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