Assembly (Blu-Ray)

£10.00 GBP


From the team that brought you the acclaimed 'Brotherhood' comes the epic, record-breaking box office smash. Based on a true story, ASSEMBLY follows one man s journey in search of truth and honour during a Civil War where China saw one of its bloodiest battles. Winter 1948: Captain Guzidi leads an infantry unit consisting of just 46 men on a sniping mission to defend the south bank of the Wen River. Their orders are to fight until the retreat assembly call is charged. That call never comes. After many long hours of defence and with ammunition running out, men are falling hard and fast.

The realisation dawns on Guzidi that the call might have been missed in the heat of battle, contributing to the deaths of those under his command. Waking in hospital after a brutal campaign Guzidi believes the last of his men sacrificed themselves during the deadly engagement. But he is shocked to discover they have been deemed missing or worse, deserters. He returns to the site of the battle, determined to prove the existence the 46 heroes he fought with and honour their glorious deaths. Featuring some of the most intense battle scenes ever captured on film, 'Assembly' is a cinematic experience like no other.

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