Mean Creek (2004) (DVD)

£6.00 GBP

Three young high school friends come up with a plan to free themselves from the attentions of George (Josh Peck), the school bully, in this dark coming-of-age American drama. Taking George with them on a boat trip to celebrate Sam's (Rory Culkin) birthday, the group plan a brutal prank that will humiliate George and finally put him in his place. But when Sam begins to understand that George is merely lonely and confused, and desperate for friendship, he begins to have misgivings. Despite these misgivings, events have been put in motion that none of the boys can stop.

86 mins approx

English HOH subtitles


Special Features

  • Commentary by director Jacob Aaron Estes, cinematographer Sharon Meir, editor Madeleine Gavin and actors Josh Peck, Trevor Morgan, Ryan Kelly and Carly Schroeder
  • Storyboards
  • Theatrical trailer

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