Memento (2000) (Standard Edition) (Blu-ray)

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Title 031 on the 101 Films Black Label features brand new interviews with director Christopher Nolan, executive producer Aaron Ryder, producer Emma Thomas, screenwriter (and author of the original inspiration for the film) Jonathan Nolan, actor Carrie-Anne Moss, and frequent collaborator composer David Julyan, as well as a new commentary with film critics James Mottram and Sean Hogan. 

Leonard (Guy Pearce) suffers from a rare brain disorder — the inability to form any new memories. He can remember in detail everything that happened before his injury, but anyone he has met or anything he has done since that fateful night simply vanishes. Who are his friends? Who are his enemies? What is the truth? In Leonard's world, the answers to these questions shift and change from second to second. And the more he tries to figure out what is true and real, the deeper he sinks into a multi-layered abyss of uncertainty and surprises.

Special Features:

Brand new special features:

• Remember - Actor Carrie-Anne Moss on Memento
• Keepsake - Director Christopher Nolan on Memento
• Memento Mori – Writer Jonathan Nolan on Memento
• Memories - Producer Emma Thomas on Memento
• A Leap into the Unknown - Producer Aaron Ryder on Memento
• Musical Memories - Composer David Julyan on Memento
• Commentary with film critics James Mottram and Sean Hogan

Archive extras:

• Memento chronological cut
• Remembering Memento
• Anatomy of a Scene
• IFC Interview with Christopher Nolan
• Director’s commentary

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